The Darwin Diet: Survival of the Leanest


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"How To Turn The Dieting Battle Into A Dream"

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  Gordon Vinden,
  Wisconson, USA.

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Jane Verner,
Southampton, UK.
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Sth Africa.
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I am thrilled to say that in 7 weeks I have lost 10 kilos (22 pounds) has been so easy.......I am happy on the new eating regime,
never hungry and so much energy. 

Denis Carroll, Parap, Australia.  Denis who lost weight
......after I read Duncan's diet it was obvious the sacrifices were
minimal and the benefits were great.
 I would recommend this diet
to anyone......this diet regime of Duncan's ticks all the boxes. 

Angus Titoki Angus who lost weight  Leanyer, Australia.

I was very impressed with it (your book) waist-size is
reducing significantly, every week......
every now and then as I
continued to read, I would shout to myself : "That is exactly right!" before looking around to see who I had disturbed by my

Chris Nutt, Palmerston, Australia. Chris who ost weight

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